I’m Matthew Morgan, or just Matt for short.

I am an average American who by day, works as highschool teacher but by night; I indulge in my hobbies. One of which being cooking and another being web design, (I teach computer science…hence the website!)

So I thought, “hey Matt, why the hell not combine my 2 passions and create simple blog about cooking!

I must admit that I tried looking for the URL, (website address) of MattLovesCooking.com, but that is sadly taken by another Matt who must also share a similar passion. I guess there are a few of us around!!!

Anyway, I will really be writing about all sorts of things related to cooking and cookware and the like. I may even throw in the odd piece of website advice for anyone else interested in making their own sites 😉

Anyway, I really hope you enjoy what I have and let’s speak soon!