coffee-1009621_640The purpose here is not me, but my passion: coffee!

Some like to enjoy a good wine during the meal, and I myself is a good coffee after my meal.

This coffee fever has led me to seek the best machine to experience the best flavors. When I started I didn’t know much and with all the different types of machines on the market, I was a bit lost.

All brands say their machine is the best and yet they do not go after their explanations. Many machines are the best … Yes you read right: Many machines are the best at one thing or another, but I must clarify that there are several types of coffee machines and can meet several needs.

When I was a student I was looking for just a machine capable of delivering coffee per liter for not having to get up once and be able to concentrate on my homework and refill when I needed it.

At that time the best machine for me then was the coffee machine able to take 1 liter of coffee in record time.

The thing is that I also worked as a waiter in a cafe near me and customers often poured at the same time and the owner of the place had to change the coffee machine during the summer because we were invaded by hungry customers valuable caffeinated drink.

He opted for an espresso machine that can serve up to 6 cups simultaneously. The best coffee machine for this exact situation, was therefore a machine capable of delivering good espresso quickly and more at the same time for rush hour.

Today I appreciate above all the taste of a good coffee, feel all its flavors. The best machine for my needs so today is a machine with grinder that I choose my coffee beans and it does not lose any of its aroma.

All that to say that there are many better machines and it depends only on you and your needs. This requires that you do an idea of what your machine is able to do and budget allotments there.

That’s part of the resaon that I decided to make this site and spend my hard earned time talking about kitchen things why I created this guide for you. I’ll add my tests as and to be able to advise you on the best machine.