There are three devices where you can make good juice or smoothies with.

Smoothies are great and you can use it for all kinds of things from creating a drink to get rid of toxins in your body, to putting on muscle!

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Now, they all have their own advantages. With the pros and cons, we try to put it up for you in a row, useful for if you have limited space!!!

Let’s say above: you now do not go, especially to work to make juice yourself. It’s much tastier and healthier!

Until today, many people think that there are not many differences between the juicer, slowjuicer and blender. But there are certainly differences and test you for sure!

Benefits of a slowjuicer

  • Easy pieces of fruit (with peel)
  • The juicer runs quietly as you cut fruit
  • The juicer makes little noise
  • Juices fairly long shelf life (48 hours)
  • A lot of fiber in juice

Cons of a slowjuicer

  • High initial costs
  • Immediate cleaning after use

Benefits of a blender

  • Lots of fiber in your juice
  • Easy for the milling of nuts and seeds or dates

Cons of blender

  • Risk of ‘brokage’ making all the fibers in long-blending
  • Quickly blends through thick structures
  • Dilution with water (or juice) is often required

Benefits of a juicer

  • Speed of the juicing (large pieces of fruit in the shaft, are quickly pressed)
  • Ideal for making large quantities (large families)

Cons of a juicer

  • Through the process there will be a lot of oxygen in the juice and therefore you get less vitamins inside
  • The appliance makes a lot of noise
  • There are fewer fibers in your juice
  • The shelf life is limited
  • Small advantage to act.

Sometimes you have vegetables or fruit that is not really good to eat more because you still had bought too much.

This can be used very well in the slowjuicer while they are not good out of hand ;-))